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You Only Have Once Chance to Make a Good First Impression!

While resident home staging is the best way to reduce your monthly carrying costs, we realize this service is not for everyone. That is the reason why Empty Home Solutions also offers a Vacant Property "Show-Ready Inspection and Care Service".

For as little as $1.25* per day, Empty Home Solutions provides vacant property inspection and care. Our vacant property management program is designed to help agents and home owners by managing their vacant listings while leaving them unoccupied.

As you know, when a home sits vacant, and not cared for daily, it starts to deteriorate and not show in the fresh, clean way that will make the best impression. Let us help you turn that around.

The listing agent does not have the time it takes to make sure your home is always "Show-Ready". Marketing, negotiating and selling the house, is what they do best; not property management! So, this is where our program comes in!

Empty Home Solutions provides a Standard or Premium biweekly and monthly "Show-Ready Inspection and Care Service" to fit any homeowners needs.

We walk the property inside and out, with our thorough checklist, looking for anything that may need attention to keep your home "Show-Ready" to impress your buyer, and get your home sold!

Our Standard "Show-Ready" Inspection Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking faucets, fixtures and pipes
  • Protecting outside hose bibs from freezing temperatures
  • Flushing commodes
  • Checking irrigation systems, pool filters and pumps
  • Adjusting HVAC temperatures, checking air filters and light bulbs
  • Curb appeal: Landscaping and overall exterior appearance
  • Copy of our "Show-Ready" Inspection report with recommendations

Our Premium* "Show-Ready Services":

  • Includes all of our Standard "Show-Ready Services" PLUS
  • Periodic vacuuming, sweeping and dusting of the house
  • Replacing smoke detector batteries, light bulbs and HVAC filters
  • Managing window cleanings, landscaping and other home maintenance and repair contractors

Whether you choose our Resident Home Staging, Vacant Home Staging, or our Vacant Property Management service, Empty Home Solutions will make your home shine and stand out from the crowd!

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

*Does not include cost of miscellaneous items needed per property such as HVAC filters, light bulbs, batteries, any remodeling expenses, maintenance and repair expenses, cleaning crews, pool service, landscaping, pest control, etc. All are provided at an additional expense by our list of preferred contractors.


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You never get a second chance to make a great first impression!