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Do you want to sell your vacant home faster and for more money?

Do you want your vacant listing to stand out from the crowd?
Do you want to save thousands of dollars on your living expenses?

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At Empty Homes Solutions we provide you with a competitive edge, an edge necessary to get noticed in today's highly competitive market.

We offer three different choices for assuring your property is always in "Show-Ready" condition when potential buyers arrive.

Home Manager Program- Our Home Managers will stage your home for FREE! We also take over utilities, landscaping and minor maintenance expenses.

Traditional Staging- Three room packages starting @ $850/Month. Custom and accessory packages also available. Call for a free quote.

"Show-Ready Inspection and Care Services"- Piece of mind starting at just $1.25/Day

Home Manager Program- Our Home Manager program is different than typical home staging because it provides a true human touch - responsible adults living in and maintaining the home while it is on the market - at no cost to you!
Saving you money on carrying cost by; reducing your homeowners insurance, taking over utilities, landscaping and minor maintenance expenses while the home is for sale.

Empty Home Solutions will ensure that your home stands out from the crowd. We are confident that our services will result in a:

  • Quicker sale
  • Higher selling price
  • Lower carrying costs, and a
  • Better image of your home to potential buyers than that of your competition!

Please click on any of the links above for more information about our services, or call us Toll-Free @ 800-609-4181


Call us Toll-Free @ 800-609-4181
for more information about all the services we provide.

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression!